Trendsetters Youth


Youth Pastor 

Micah Coverstone

Micah has been serving as Youth Pastor at Living Word since June 2016. Prior to that he taught the elementary age boys class. He received his Certificate of Ministry in January 2018 and is on his path to receiving his License of Ministry and eventually his Ordination. Micah's vision is that the young people in this church and community would passionately pursue a relationship with God that lead them to answer the calling on their life and lead others to the faith in doing so. 

When Are Services?

Youth services are on Wednesday nights at 7pm and Sunday nights at 6pm.

What Happens At Service? 


At each service students are given the opportunity to worship, give to missions, hear a Bible-based sermon and pray with one another or alone. Occasionally students will have the opportunity to read a Bible passage and discuss it with each other. The environment is very welcoming and much focus is put on spiritual matters. 

What Other Things Happen Here? 

We attend Kentucky Youth Ministries events in Louisville, KY on a consistent basis throughout the year. This includes church camp, Lead Weekend, Youth Convention, Fine Arts, and Rise Conference. 

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